About Us


 ➤ Selection of exclusive properties in one place

     The Bodrum Homes established in 2005 , one of the most respected Turkish Property Specialist in the country. We have a team of  trained consultants who are extremely knowledgeable and worked in various roles within the property sector who can guide you through the entire buying procedure.

What’s more, we actively explore and research the market to bring you some of the very latest and best property deals available right across the country. Primarily, exclusive villas, land to develop on or to construct hotels, fully managed resorts, constructed and finished to a very high specification, that offer excellent potential for high capital appreciation and an annual rental income.

Above all, we treat you as an individual, and make it our aim to find the right property to meet your specific requirements. We also have strong business ethics and believe that your needs must come first. That’s why any advice given by a The Bodrum Homes member of staff will always be in your best interests.

 We have been finding the right property for lots of satisfied customers. You can be confident that we will do the same for you.

  • Our knowledge of the Turkish property market and our customer service is simply unrivalled – in fact, over the years, we’ve created many happy second home owners & investors.
  • We aim to work only with established overseas property developers; ones that offer some of the very best hands-off property investments and high quality.
  • We can introduce you to respected lawyers, financial advisers, qualified SIPP advisors, insurers, and other professionals at home or overseas, all English speaking and reasonably priced – saving you time and money in the long run.
  • And finally, and perhaps most important, you’ll find with İnternational Property Service nothing is too much trouble!


                                                  ➤ Benefits of  working with a local agent

Sometimes when you’re thinking about buying a overseas property, your first thought is to use a well known international agent. Usually that seems to be a good idea because they have the advantage of being much accessable through internet and most them are flash-looking online real estate companies. On the other hand to work with a local agent makes the whole process less confusing and a stress free experience for you. Let’s have a look at the benefits to work with a local agent :

Local agent;

  • Know the area.

There may be new construction coming, what areas are growing, what companies are hiring, and other helpful information that you could really use when choosing where the best place to live or invest will be.

  • Have local connections.

All working agents have business connections, colleagues, friends, and other prospects they work with who can help you get a deal on a house that outside agents can’t help you with.

  • Know which areas are more desirable.

If you want to know what the lowest priced houses are in the nicest neighborhoods, you cannot ask an out of area agent. Only experienced local agents can accurately help you find the best deals available.

  • Have an idea what school districts are the best.

It’s extremely important to have your children go to one of the best schools in the area and local agents talk to parents all the time and often know which schools rank the highest on tests.

  • Can help solve local dilemmas of moving to a new area.

Are you going to need to take a bus or taxi to work or town centre? What about when you get the house and want the utilities on? Where’s all the best entertainment? When does the local markets come? An agent from some far away agency cannot answer these questions without researching them first and still can’t give you a first hand answer.

Finally It’s easy to set up a flash-looking company online. It’s much harder to set up a real bricks-and-mortar company with the personnel to back up its promises.
We believe in face-to-face service, and when you buy with us, we hope you’ll agree with us that this is the right approach to selling overseas property and see the benefits of using a local real estate company.

Birol Kaya

Managing Director