An Iconic Project by Award Winning Architects -Yalıkavak

Aparment 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1 Garage 82.45 m2

The apartments have been created as private havens offering dual levels.

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 Project of  Timeless Oasis, A Temple of  Serenity


The apartments have been created as private  havens offering dual levels. The emphasis is on taking advantage of the temperate climate and providing private space to soak in the unimpeded views far out to the horizon with the unmatched magnificent views of the sunset and sunrise Yalikavak has to offer.Each apartment has two double master bedrooms, two bathrooms, one open plan kitchen, and one living room .


The project is superbly positioned at the peak of Yalıkavak within easy walking distance to the village center where time is still and tranquil and less then 2 km from the Yalıkavak town centre and 20 km to Bodrum centre.

The sensational panoramic view offers a sweeping frame of whole of Yalıkavak Peninsula with clear definition of the old harbor, the newly established Port Bodrum Yalıkavak Marina and the town in one angle .



a. twentyfour condominiums

b. Option of having the interiors designed, furnished, and decorated tailor made to individual likes and needs; before or after moving in by the  design team

c. Infinity pool-92.31 sq. mt., 147.70

d. Poolside café & bar

e. Motor vehicle, motorcycle, and bicycle park

f. District water supply

g. Water Reserve Tank

h. Water Treatment System (disinfection and softening)

i. Alternative on-site power supply by means of a central power generator for voltage regulation and burnouts to secure the regulated and continuous supply of electrical power for the needs of the technical systems centre and equipment, communal areas, and condominiums Power lines are designed, engineered, and wired for the pre-dedicated priority based use of electrical power by the technical systems centre and equipment, communal areas and condominium lighting, ceramic hob, refrigerator, steam oven, dishwasher, washing machine, kitchen hood, in sink erator, shock heaters, and air conditioning systems and units

j. On-site Wastewater Management and Treatment by means of Biological Treatment Unit

k. Infrastructure, including rainwater drainage, heat and water is

olation where required throughout the whole complex; designed, engineered, and actualized

l. Sewage and wastewater lines from each of the four blocks to the collecting units are managed with parallel pipelines to allow alternate use in case of blockage or failure

m. Pumping of sewage and wastewater from the collecting units incoming from each of the four blocks to the main collecting unit and then to the wastewater management unit is managed by parallel pumping units to allow alternate use in case of failure in one of the pumps

n. Central shaft system in each block; allowing easy access at any given time to the infrastructure for checks and maintenance, and the unique allotted space further allowing the addition of new, required infrastructural needs

o. Digital TV Broadcasting via Satellite and Digiturk aerial reception, wiring, and connection lines are pre-installed and ready for connection in both bedrooms and in the living room

p. Home-Theatre wiring is pre-installed and ready for connection

q. Telephone/Data lines; 2 lines, each hosting 2 additional lines within their individual cable setup (pre-wired cable standard) for future needs thus, totaling 4 lines per condominium wired and ready for connection in both bedrooms and in the living room asparallel lines

r. ADSL; available for use with all the above listed Telephone/Data lines wired and ready for connection in both bedrooms and in the living room with the availability of wireless connectivity

s. Air Conditioning; heating and cooling is maintained with pre-installed system and Inverter Units (high end technology enabling comfortable and reliable use of the internal

units to function at subzero levels during winter without interruption) wired and fitted in both bedrooms and in the living room

t. Fireplace in every condominiumu. Hot water supply; 24 hours and 7 days continuous supply by means of high end technology shock heaters used widely and most popularly in major European countries such as in Germany, U.K., etc.
v. On-site security
– surveillance with responsible staff and with equipment fitted throughout the premises and in condominiums
– interactive fire (smoke & heat) detectors and audio warning system; in the premises where required for prevention, detection, and warning such as in the technical systems centre and equipment, and in condominiums

– concrete structure of the condominiums, and the walkways and corridors connecting the condominiums with the premises minimizing the harming effects of fire and allowing a reliable escape path – CCTV cameras; premises are monitored and all activity is recorded continuously 24 hours and 7 days with no interruption. Residents are exclusively able to inspect from their homes all activity that is monitored and recorded by their own particular private CCTV system fitted into their condominium, and even watch from the internet whereverthey may be on the globe with the help of a secure login system

– secure access; entry to and exit from the premises is through one single checkpoint.
There is no other entry/exit point to maximize security.
the perimeter is walled and fenced where required for security
– video intercom allowing audio visual communication between the security checkpoint and each individual condominium

– Meters and registers for electric power, district water supply, and Telephone/Data and ADSL lines are all located at one single centrallocation within the perimeter of the technical systems centre to allow ease of access and control by responsible staff, and further to avoid any interaction between the residents and the responsible staff carrying out maintenance checks and officials reading out the consumption values per premises and the condominiums

w. On-site resident janitor & maintenance staff

x. Home for on-site resident janitor & maintenance staff

y. Storage spaces dedicated separately both for the general communal needs of the premises and for the private use of each condominium

z. Management company taking care of security, poolside café & bar, all rubbish collecting, pool and landscape maintenance, and any other group maintenance necessary for a monthly fee




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