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A Charming and attractive little port located on the southern coast of Bodrum Penninsula, Bodrum is a Turkish city in Mugla Province. In the ancient times, Bodrum was called the Halicarnassus of Caria. The Tomb of Mausolus, Mausoleum of Mausolus or Mausoleum, which was built between 353 and 350 BC is mentioned as one of the Antipater of Sidon’s Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Today Bodrum is a well-known tourist destination and is also an international center for yachting. The Bodrum Castle, built in the 15th century looks out over the International Marina and the harbor. The Castle also hosts a few cultural festivals throughout the year.

Geographically situated in the southwest corner of the Aegean region of Turkey, Bodrum has got an excellent climate and a beautiful coastline. The city rests on the ancient city of Halicarnassus. In recent times due to its historical importance and natural beauty, Bodrum has become a popular tourist destination.

In Early days, Bodrum was a town of fishermen and sponge divers. Then gradually, Bodrum started attracting people with artistic backgrounds, who decided to stay in the town. Now Bodrum hosts many poets, singers and artists, hence it is famous for art and culture since the ancient days.

The cheapest and best way to travel around the city is by Dolmus. Dolmus is like a shared taxi or minibus that departs frequently from particular bus stations to all the famous destinations. HAVAS coaches operate passenger transport services between airports and city centers by shuttles.

Bodrum city is considered to be very safe and petty crime rate is quite low compared to other famous destinations in Europe. Still it is recommended to keep small and expensive items out of reach and avoid displaying valuable items.

Bodrum is known as “The land of eternal blue“ in Turkey. It is one of the antique cities in Turkey and attractive holiday resorts. This city is not just a famous tourist destination, Bodrum also attracts many Turks that travel from other parts of the country. Turkey experiences drastic changes in temperature on the same day but Bodrum city maintains moderate climate all-year round.

The city of Bodrum falls under Mediterranean climate zones that maintain a mild winter and very warm summer seasons. Spring and autumn are the popular seasons to visit Bodrum city as the climate remains pleasant and the evenings become a little colder. Rainfall and showers are rare in the summer but quite high during the winter seasons.

Tourism is the main asset of Bodrum. Due to its active nightlife and beautiful coastline, Bodrum has become the main spot for the tourists. It is also famous for shopping leather goods.

Golf is also picking up in the city. There are a lot of brand new golf courses being built on the Bodrum peninsula. Along with Golf, Yachting is also in demand in the city.

Bodrum is becoming a popular second home destination for investors from Turkey as well Europe. There is a considerable increase in real estate investment from foreign as well domestic customers.

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 Serenity and Comfort at Yalıkavak Villas – 339.000 €

The location for Yalıkavak Villas was chosen not only for this unique feature but also for the magnificent views from every vantage point across the Aegean Sea.


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✓ An Iconic Project by Award Winning Architects in Yalıkavak – 135 . 000 €

The apartments have been created as private  havens offering dual levels. The emphasis is on taking advantage of the temperate climate and providing private space to soak in the unimpeded views far out to the horizon with the unmatched magnificent views of the sunset and sunrise Yalikavak has to offer…

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✓ Key Ready Apartments in Gümüşlük – 55 . 000 € 

Each Apartment is guaranteed to have a clear view of at least one of the two nearby bays…

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✓ Key Ready Golf Apartments in Tuzla – 47 . 500 €

This beautiful project have a guaranteed rental yield of 5% for the first 2 years offering fantastic investment potential…

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