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Tax Numbers

Tax Code number is the Identification number for foreigners. This number should be shown in all the administrative documents issued in Turkey. It is also a mandatory requirement for tax reasons when you have purchased a property in Turkey.

To apply for the Code you will need to do this through your solicitor. They will be happy to take care of this on your behalf.

 Legal Advice

We recommend IYIDOGAN INT’L. LEGAL SERVICES because the firm adopts a pragmatic approach ensuring all clients receive the legal assistance necessary to achieve their objectives in Turkey and globally. Practice and sector teams work collaboratively to meet the requirements of each deal. We believe they offer reasonable fee for smooth and rapid service with close working relationships with their clients.

Purchase Process In Turkey

The below information is provided by IYIDOGAN INT’L. LEGAL SERVICES/ IYIDOGAN LAW OFFICE for our clients as a guide to how the purchase process works in Turkey.

Legal Searches

Checks are carried out to ensure there is a building licence and planning permission in place, and also at land registry office checks are made against the title and current owner of the property to ensure:

Easement rights Mortgage or hypothec Tax debt Liens Debts or charges Freehold or not Reservation Agreement & Deposit

A reservation agreement is completed and a deposit paid in order to secure the property in the client’s name at the agreed price and terms of sale.

Purchase Contract

If a reservation agreement exists this will include terms and conditions of all parties and we will draft the purchase contract in accordance with this.

If there is no reservation agreement, we will compile the necessary information including the requests of all parties together with agreed terms and conditions and draft the purchase contract accordingly.

If a purchase contract already exists, we will review this to ensure its content is satisfactory on behalf of the client and that the necessary legal clauses are in place to protect the client.The purchase contract will be drawn up in dual language depending on the nationality of the client.

The purchase contract will include:

Details of the property Sales price Completion date Penalty clauses for all parties Guarantee clauses Technical specifications Arranging Power of Attorney

In order for a lawyer to represent and act on behalf of a client Power of Attorney must be obtained. This document should include:

Purchasing property in Turkey on behalf of the client Signing contracts related to the purchase on behalf of the client Opening a bank account in Turkey * Obtaining a tax number Obtaining military clearance from Aegean Army Transferring the title deed Utility connections * Representing the client in the Turkish Court if necessary * If requested by client

To obtain Power of Attorney, a document will be provided by us giving instructions on how to arrange from overseas, alternatively it can be arranged whilst in Turkey at the Notary Public.

Military Permission

A foreign national who’s country reciprocates Turkey’s rules of foreigners owning a property can own a property in Turkey. However, under Turkish law all foreign nationals must obtain approval from the Aegean Army and this is known as Military Permission. As well as checks being carried out on the person buying the property, the Aegean Army also carry out checks on the property being purchased to ensure that it does not fall under the category of:-

Military zone Protected Area Registered forest Village without cadastral division DASK (Earthquake Insurance)

This is a compulsory insurance policy covering the risk of earthquake and is applicable to all property purchases. Title deed transfer cannot take place unless a valid DASK is presented at Land Registry Office.

Title Deed Transfer

Once Military Clearance has been granted and all necessary stages of the purchase process are completed, the title deed is transferred to the buyer’s name at Land Registry Office. The seller and the buyer (or buyer’s legal representative with Power of Attorney) must be present at title deed transfer. At this stage, purchase tax of 3.3% of the declared property value is payable and in some cases this is shared by the buyer and seller (1.65% each).

Purchase Related Fees Military Clearance: Variable (depends on which Municipality we must apply to) Notary Expenses: £200 Approximate * Purchase Tax: Variable (will be 3.3% of the declared value of property)

* Applies to if Power of Attorney is arranged at Notary Public in Turkey, if arranged from overseas fees may differ.

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Snagging List

This is a comprehensive list we do to check the finish of the property, i.e. all the doors open and close, all the electrics are working and nothing is broken.  Once we have done the list we then make sure that the developer does the repairs.

Industrial clean

We recommend this to all our clients.  New builds often need a deep clean to remove cement from the floors or tiles, and sometimes splashes of paint.  Our industrial clean actually involves two cleans, one before the arrival of the furniture and then a lighter clean once the furniture has been delivered


When you have purchased your home you will need to ensure that you protect your property from any damage, and also make sure that the contents are insured.  We can organise a comprehensive cover that includes public liability.

There are many different insurance covers available however it is important to choose the right type of cover that suits your property and your requirements.

There are three types of owners of property:

First it is where the property is going to be used as permanent resident.

Second  will be where the property will be used as a holiday home and vacant for certain months of the year.

Third will be when the property has been purchased to be rented on a short and long term basis.

We can also help with a number of different personal and medical insurances.

Listed below:

  • Family Assistance
  • Personal Assistance
  • In case of accident or illness
  • General travel assistance insurance covers